The best place to get personal health coverage for an international student studying nursing?

I am about to enter the Clinical Phase of LPN (License Practical Nurse) programme soon and one of the requirements it that i have personal health coverage…..i am an International student and presently have no health insurance…..i need some guidelines on how to go about getting coverage at a reasonable price…can anyone assist with some […]

I am an LPN and now I want my bachelors in early education in your opinion is this a good choice?

Through my career I have met several special needs kids these kids need teaching and I feel compelled to become a teacher. At this moment I am beginning a career as a nurse for a school for the deaf. If it was your kid would you feel better that the teacher is a nurse as […]

I Have Started An Associate Degree From A Campus School But Now Im Looking For A Online Nursing Degree?

I have finished 1 out of the 4 courses for a associate degree i am looking to apply for an online program for an associate in nursing. I have all my prerequisites done and one of my nursing classes. Where and who does a online nursing program that doesnt require a previous liscensure. Thanks!

I have a student loan in default, how can I get financial help to go back to school?

I am unable to pay back the student loan that I have in default because I am unemployed. I qualify for the government PELL grant, but cannot get it until my defaulted loan is paid off. Is there any other financal aid that I can get? If so how do I appy? Im going to […]

What is a fast nursing program in the bay area, ca?

I am currently a student at UC Davis and will be graduating this year with a BA in psychology. I am not yet an LVN/LPN but would like to enroll in a nursing program so that I can become an LVN and eventually an RN. What program in the bay area would be the best […]

I Am A College Student Interested In Becoming An Lpn What Is A Good School To Go To?

my current college doesnt have the best nursing program so i am looking for another college or place to get my Lpn i am working on the prereqs and co reqs and it is going to take me 2 years just in that and my college has a waiting list of about 1 1/2 years […]

If someone had a student loan and they have been declared disabled, is the loan forgiven?

I got a student loan in the late 1990′s to attend nursing school. I was later injured so badly at a major hospital that I was declared by the federal government to be disabled. I am now on SSI, full disability. Is my student loan forgiven? If so, how do I go about that?