What is nursing school like? and Do CNA’s do the work that RN’s don’t want to do?

I have had people tell me that RN’s don’t have a lot of respect for CNA’s or LPN’s because they don’t have as much education as RN’s do.

question for nurses…I am a student nurse…?

I am 18 years old and just started my first semester of LPN training. I am pretty sure i want to be a nurse and this is the right career for me but i am very worried about the “dirty nursing” part…such as catheters and suppositories…and feces and vomiting. after awhile u get used to […]

Nclex Review For Lpn?

Does anyone know of any free online study guides for the NCLEX for LPN I would REALLY appreciate it!!!! thanks so much

Nursing school and GPA?

I am in school at east Tennessee state university , I messed up my first semester and got a C in A&P 1 . I also took some college courses while in high-school and got a couple of C’s I have now retaken those classes and have a B in one and am working towards […]

what are the best schools with lpn programs and lpn to bsn programs in florida?

Do you believe RN’s should get the same salary as an LPN?

In December 2003, I started working as an LPN (staff nurse) for a retirement center. In 2007, I received my RN and continued to work for the same retirement home. I was given a $ 1.00 increase in pay when I went from LPN to RN.I complained about the poor increase in pay and the […]

17 and would like to be a nurse?

Hi I am 17 yrs old I have my HS Diploma and would love to become a nurse. I have no degree and no college credits at the moment. I was wondering if there were online schools that would let me become a nurse. I havent been able to find any because all the programs […]