Lpn School In New York City?

Unsure, check with chamber of commerce.

I Am Considering Going To Lpn School In Springfield Illinois At Capital Area School Of Nursing Can Any One?

tell me is it a good school and is it hard to get into I am a cna now and want to go further please help. thank you

i live in new york i want to school for LPN, i just cant afford it?

does anyone know where i can get funding for a community college, any help would be grateful.

I want to pursue my career in nursing. Is it best to go straight for your RN or LPN?

I am a Junior in high school. Want to pursue my career in nursing. I want to eventually become an OB Nurse. Should I go straight to become a RN or LPN and get experience?

I want to become a nurse but I want to take classes online, I’m a mother of 3 and work full time ?

The online classes will help to kick start my nursing career but most of them require you to be a LPN already somebody please help

I am in the process of becoming a licensed practical nurse?

I am a high schooler that currently lives in Virginia Beach. I attend a nursing school that offers an 18 month program. At the end of the program I will be an LPN. I eventually want to become an M.D. or a D.O. I’m not sure what I should do after I am done with […]

What other jobs can an LPN do besides working in a nursing home?

This is the only experience I have as a nurse, but I really want to do something else.