Lpn Career In Florida..?

im thinking of becoming an LPN. well i wanted to know exactly if an lpn can work in a medical office. ive heard that in florida ofcourse, puts lpns in nursing homes. could that be possible? i do not want to work with old people. i heard of this when i took a medical course […]

How Long Would It Take To Become A Lpn?

I currently teach preschool but am looking into becoming a LPN. I need to work fulltime but am wondeirng if I could also go to school to switch careers. Has anyone done this before? How hard would it be?

How Do I Find Out What The Base Salary For A Lpn Is In My Area?

I am thinking about persuing a career in the medical feild, just wanted to see how much the base pay.

Will my wife have to pay out-of-state tuition fees?

I am an Air Force veteran that has received my Bachelors degree and am thinking about going back into the military as an officer. My chosen branch is Army, however, this time around I am married. My wife is an LPN and planned on going back to school soon for her RN. She brought up […]

what are job options for an lpn?

i’ll be done my lpn program this june and am looking into job options until i get to go back to be an rn. i live in PA and right now the hospitals are sorta trying to get rid of the lpn. i don’t really want to work in a nursing home. i love helping […]

How Do I Start An Lpn Training School ?

don’t want to go to school to be an lpn. I want to start a training school of my own for students to go to . To get certified.

I Live In Pennsylvania…i Wanna Be A Nurse(lpn)…help?

So I never really thought about what im going to do after highschool, I know that would really like to be a nurse and LPN not a Rn. I am just comp. in the dark about this whole college thing. Where do I start? How do I pay for it? Com. College or somthing bigger? […]