Where Can I Get A Student Loan For Nursing School?

my school costs 30K for the R.N. program. It’s alot so im terrified of what i’ll get into…my school is 18 months straight. Is that normal for nursing students? Where can I get loans like that besides from FAFSA and such? any tips to minimize loaning in bulk? Or is it better to loan in […]

Is MedTech accredited? Will I be able to get a bachelors in nursing after my associates?

Okay so I went to medtech.edu they have LPN & RN programs. I really want to be a nurse, but I would like to be able to get a bachelors and maybe even masters one day. If I get my associates from medtech will I be able to get into a bachelors program or not? […]

Is there anyone here that got their LPN to RN degree through a completely online school?

Just stop it!

Should I quit my job, or try to wait and see if things get better?

So back in July i took a position at my workplace (I’m an LPN at a nursing home) In which I have more responsibility, and am basically doing some of the office nurse work one day per week as well as doing all of the skin measurements weekly (basically I am the skin/treatment nurse every […]

I am a senior in college majoring in Psychology but now I would like to be a nurse.?

It is not an option for me to change my major but I would like to pursue a career in nursing. Does anyone know the various steps? For instance, should I go for an LPN to then transfer to RN within the next few years or should I apply for a Post-Bac or Accelerated program. […]

Does this sound like a good plan? LPN, RN, Psych…?

Okay. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. If I went and became an LPN (Licensed practical nurse) which takes 9ish months (usually) to do, used that money to move out of this bloody house (A desperate need), from there became an RN (9ish more months) and make better money, and use THAT money […]

What Is The Average Salary An Lpn Starts At In Rhode Island?

Im thinking about relocating to Westerly and wanted to find out some info about this first. I realize they are probably only used in nursing homes and maybe Dr office. thats ok.