Go back to California with CNA license or stay longer in TX to get LVN?

Hello I am really having a hard time making up my mind on what to do. I moved to Texas last year from California, I disliked it right away and although TX has grown on me and it’s a nice place, it’s just not for me at all and I want to return to CA […]

Lpn program on line?

I am looking for an LPN program on-line offer by a school in Florida

Is getting a student loan in this major worth it?

So I was enroll in college for engineering and didn’t like it, so I which my major to nursing (haven’t started yet) and I inform my dad and he told that he think nurse is a profession for females, or gay guys, which kind of pissed me off as it sounded so stupid, I am […]

Promotion to E-2 or E-3?

Hey everyone, I’m an LVN/LPN going into the Army as a health care specialist (68w). I just finished the future soldier training online classes and I referred somebody successfuly, however I haven’t gotten my promotion yet. What really bothers me is that the friend I referred in the military didn’t go to school in the […]

Can you still become a LPN (practical nurse) with just a BSN?

I was just wondering if I can still become a LPN with a BSN and no LPN certificate/diploma. Or do I have to have a LPN certificate to become a LPN? And what kind of job oppurtunites are there when you have your BSN?

LPN Programs in Washington that are not hard to get into?

Im looking for an LPN program that doesn’t require anatomy,physio etc….

Want to become an LPN- HELP?

I want to get a career in nursing. I have read that it only takes a year to become an LPN. True? And could I work in a womans care/maternity center as an LPN? If so, is there a special program for that, or is it all the same? What do i need to look […]