Can I enroll in a LPN-RN bridge over program graduating from a technical school?

I live in Georgia. i am attending a technical school for LPN. After i graduate i must do 1000 hrs workload before being able to get into a bridge over program. Will my credits transfer as well? or will I have to do those all over again?

Can I make a decent living being an LPN in San Francisco?

I’m about to go into nursing school, and when I graduate I really want to look into moving to the San Francisco area. Every time I bring this up to people, all anyone has to say is something negative about how expensive it is living in California. Are things really that bad? If I get […]

Can you graduate from a trade school with an LPN degree then move to a university to earn you RN degree?

Can someone please tell me if they know of any schools or institutes where i can obtain an LPN certificate fast. (In NYC) Thanks for your time!

I want to be a nurse (LPN/LVN), but with a problem, major problem, any advice?

I am 21 years old, I had financial aid when I lived in Florida, we moved to Texas and out of anger my mom won’t let me use her phone to call the school and said she wouldn’t give me any of her information so I won’t get financial aid. I tried looking for a […]

Are Lvn/lpn Nurses Paid Well In The Seattle Area?

My mom is an LVN/LPN nurse and we’re moving to Seattle. She was paid 32 dollars an hour in California, but 19 dollars an hour in Idaho. Are nurses like her paid well in the Seattle area? Are there particular businesses or companies that pay better, for example are assisted living facilities the best paying? […]

What to do?

My boyfriend and I have decided to get engaged and i COULD NOT be happier =) He is 23 and I am 18. I am in my first year of nursing school right now and ill be finishing up my LPN training and taking my state boards next year,we have decided to wait until after […]

what is the starting salary for lpn’s in illinios?

licenced practical nurse with ultrasound certificate entry level pay