17 and would like to be a nurse?

Hi I am 17 yrs old I have my HS Diploma and would love to become a nurse. I have no degree and no college credits at the moment. I was wondering if there were online schools that would let me become a nurse. I havent been able to find any because all the programs requires you to already have a RN Or you already have to be a LPN Any help? I’m moving to Johnson City Tennessee from Ca this summer and would like to work full time so Online school I thought would be best but if you know any schools that has a nursing program let me know please

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  1. Lauren Kelley says:

    I went to Carson – Newman in Jefferson City, TN and they have an amazing ON CAMPUS nursing program. I’m sorry to say you prob won’t become a nurse online bc you have to do medical stuff in person to become one. Also the nursing test at the end of your courses is pretty hard. My former best friend failed it and she is brilliant.

  2. Take a look at your local community college and see if they offer an on-campus program that you could transfer to another on campus program in TN.

  3. Online is just one of the modes available you can go for distance education or evening classes et al.

  4. You can try online resources who recommend good colleges and universities. I did a search for information and found http://www.onlinecollege247.com. However, beware of the bogus colleges and universities advertised online that say you can get a degree based solely on life experiences, those are degree mills and illegal. In my experience online degrees are treated basically the same as a degree from a campus program. But from a reliable source. Good Luck..