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Is An Online Nursing Degree Looked At As A Traditional Degree?

I want to know if I take an online nursing degree , will employers look at it the same as a traditional degree (going to an actual school). Has anyone currently a nurse take online classes? Thanks to all!

Should I go straight for Rn associates degree or LPN degree first? TTC for 1 1/2 yrs?

am 28 yrs old, married & no kids. My husband & I were trying to conceive for 1 1/2 yrs with no luck. We both have been to the doctor & found out Im the problem. The doc said my ovulatin glevels were low but could be fixed with meds. Recently we decided to hold […]

what is the starting wage for LPN’s? (The nursing degree)?

What is a smarter route to take, should I get my LPN to RN or go straight for my RN degree?

My ending goal is to be a L&D nurse. I’m 25 have 2 kids and I’m 5 months prego with my third (I know I might sound ambitious but this is a long term goal~ I’m hoping to get some advice on what RT I should take. Do I need my associates degree before I […]

Which Degree is better option for Staring career in nursing? suggest me from RN or LPN degree…?

Need GPA score for LVN/LPN to Assosiate Degree in nursing online?

Grad 1977 Whaton Co. Jr. Collge of Vocational nursing. The old school in Wharton, Tx. Last name Nutt. Would like to know how to replace my school pin and get photo of clas of 77

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, i would like to become a nurse now (RN)?

I been looking online for any schools that would offer the RN program or even LPN but i haven’t been lucky, can anyone let me know if there’s any online schools, or if there’s any special program for people with a degree that i want to become an RN. Thanks! I live in Florida and […]