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I’m a LPN and I want to pursue my RN degree. What is the best route to obtain RN Degree?

I’m a LPN and i want to pursue my RN degree. I already have a B.S Degree in Biology. What is the best route to obtain my RN degree? I do want to eventually go for my MSN as well.

Can You Tell Me More About Getting A Lpn Degree In The Army?

I probably will join the Army as a 68W medic. I heard i can get my LPN degree in the Army… Will that take two years or will i get in much less time since i am in the Army? I originally didn’t want to do this in the army but the more i think […]

Associates Degree looking to get a BSN?

I currently have a general Associates Degree with a focus on nursing… basically meaning that I have an A.A. and have taken all the A&P, Biology, and Chemistry classes that are normally prerequisites for most nursing programs. I’ve been looking online at nursing schools, and all I can seem to find are RN to BSN […]

will my nursing degree in KY pay my student loans?

i heard that if you get a nursing degree in KY and then work in KY as a nurse for 5 years, then there is a program that will pay your student loans back, 20% a year for 5 years. is this true, and if so how do i apply?

What degree or certificate is an LPN course?

I am applying for scholarship and they ask me “What degree or certificate will you be working on?”. Associate degree, Certificate/diploma, or Graduate/professional degree. I am planning to attend an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program and don’t know which one should I pick from the list. Please Help. Thank you.

Can You Become An LPN While Pursing A RN Degree?

Im working on becoming an RN but i dont want to be in school taking nursing and not making any money for 4 years I wanted to know if after two years of college can i get a job as an LPN and still continue to get my degree to become a RN?

Should I Transfer From My Medical Assistant Degree To An Lpn Program?

I have one year left before i graduated with my degree in Medical assistant. My true dream is to become a nurse and I want to transfer to a community college to start my career in Lpn , it is a 49 credit certificate THE DILEMMA if I transfer and take the pre clinical and […]