Accredited nursing schools?

What does it mean exactly for a nursing program or school to be accredited? What happens if you go to a school that isn’t accredited? Are nursing schools/programs only accredited by the NLNAC or CCNE?

I’m asking because I’ve been accepted into the LPN program at my school and I don’t see them listed as NLNAC or CCNE accredited…

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  1. Accreditation means your program has met certain standards for the education you’ll receive. New schools may have provisional accreditation, so it’s important to check.

    Depending on where you live, accreditation may be needed to take your licensure test. It may also limit where you are able to take your licensure exam.Should you decide to continue on with your education for an additional degree or to become an RN, the credits you receive from a non-accredited school may not be accepted. Accreditation also affects your ability to get financial aid as well.

    Would suggest you contact your state licensure board for nursing. They will have information for you as to what is required in your state or province. If you plan on moving would strongly suggest you go through an accredited program. That way you know you will meet requirements of the state you want to work in.

    The hospitals and agencies I’ve worked for, all checked educational background as well as licensure. Congratulations on your decision to become a nurse. It’s a great career. The flexibility and growth potential is great.