America’s Cities and Towns…?

I am a nursing student, due to graduate in 11 months.
I plan to work locally for a year or two and save some money to move elsewhere…I just don’t know where to move to.
I currently live in northeast Pennsylvania, in a once prominant city that has fallen by the waste side dramatically since the early 1970s. The city may come back but never again to its former grand state of being. I need to get out.
My question…
Tell me about where you are. What state do you live in? What city? What is the population? What is the crime data? What does the area actually LOOK like? Is there anything notable? Are there many health care jobs? What is the average starting salary for an LPN where you live? Are you near a large lake or the ocean? What is the average cost of a 2 bedroom single family home with an attached garage? Please tell me as much about where you live as possible to help me decide where I want to settle down.
Thank you.

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  1. South Florida needs Nurses. Google Miami, SE Florida and research the job openings. It can be expensive and a 2 bedroom, single family home would most likely be in a very old area of town or in a 55 or over enclave. 2 bedrooms with garage would probably be a town home and depending on where it was located approx. 180 and up in price…but prices are going down for now and taxes and insurance are going up. Weather is great and there is certainly an ocean. A knowledge of Spanish would be helpsul but not necessary. South Florida is a beautiful and diverse area and the crime is no worse than anywhere else. I certainly feel safe here. There is culture, art, ballet great shopping and entertainment and the people come from all over the world. If you were born here you are a minority..born in the US? still a minority..but we do get along with each other. It’s young and glamorous on S. Beach and Coconut Grove Wild & Crazy or Sedate and Older it is all here. You would love it but be sure you have a good income before you make the move, it is not cheap.