Any Nurses opinion needed please!?

More than Likely I will be going to school for some sort of nursing in the fall of 08. I’m just trying to figure out if there is anything I should be doing in the meantime. I’m currently the Air Force, and I don’t get out till Jan 09. I would like to work in a hospital, not a retirement home. I was also looking into being some sort of lab tech. I.E. Radiology or X-ray tech. What are the differences in the degrees for being a tech, or a LPN/RN? Any input would be greatly appreciated Thank!

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  1. Christy SD Nurse says:

    If you want to become an x-ray tech, or ultrasound tech you have to go to a school that offers that particular program, and then take those courses. You are more limited then to that 1 kind of job. An LPN is typically a 1 year program, and an RN can with either a 2 year program graduating with an AS or a 4 year program graduating with a BS. Nursing gives you more choices as to the setting and type of work. You can work in anything from a hospital, clinic, home health, nursing home, or other long term care facility. You can also work with infants, kids, elderly, disabled whatever you prefer. Being a RN will make you more money and give you even more options than an LPN. However you can become an LPN, then get your RN. I am an LPN, and work in home health and a drug rehab center. I plan to go back and get my RN, so I can make more money,

  2. jakhiamika says:

    Your choice should really depend on what you want to devote the time to going to school for and what you could see yourself doing career-wise.

    I graduated with a 2-yr RN degree that actually took about 3 years including all the basics. I honestly didn’t even consider the LPN program. LPNs practice under an RN and aren’t allowed to perform some of skills that RN’s can. LPNs usually cannot work in certain areas of the hospital setting i.e. critical care, ED and they can’t push some medications through an IV.
    Also, to become an RN or LPN you have to pass a National Licensure Exam and maintain your certification.
    An x-ray tech usually goes to school for a couple of years also. They are an important part of the healthcare team also. Our techs go around taking portable chest x-rays in the ICU and ER and operate in the radiography department.

    In the meantime, work on your basics. Math, english, computers, etc. will count toward any choice you decide on.
    Good Luck with whatever your decision is. I am glad that you have decided to further your education and want to work in healthcare.