Anyone Has Experience Taking An Online Nursing Degree Class At The University Of Phoenix?

I was just wondering what anyone’s experiences are with this. I live in Washnington state. Online classes are great and all, but how do you really earn a nursing degree online without the hands on and lab experience that you would get in a classroom?

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  1. Nursing Edu says:

    University of Phoenix offers nursing and many other degree programs at campus locations in many states, and you may be eligible to be accepted for one of those programs. Online nursing programs are only available for individuals who already possess a valid license as either a Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse however.
    There are no legitimate online nursing degree programs for those who aren’t already nurses primarily due to the reasons you stated above, nursing programs are a blend of academic, laboratory, and hands on clinical training.
    As far as University of Phoenix goes, however, it is one of the pioneers of accredited distance education programs, and long before there was such as thing as online education, UoP worked in conjunction with numerous hospitals offering advanced nursing educational programs and classes at the hospital so nurses could earn an advanced nursing degree without sacrificing their job in the process.
    They have also provided advanced distance and on-site educational opportunities for members of the armed forces and Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs for many years, so a nursing degree from University of Phoenix is widely recognized and accepted by hospitals, other health care employers, and the US Government.
    According to their web site they have several campus locations in Washington:…
    Best wishes for a future nursing career!

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  3. I would be very weary or what they are offering. It takes a tonne of hands on with clinicals and labs and whatnot. Definitely try and get into a regular nursing school.

  4. don’t get a degree online. no employer will take you seriously and will chuck your application in the garbage can.