Anyone know starting salary for LPN in Pittsburgh, PA area – no experience, just school?

I am trying to decide if it would be worth the money I would pay in school loans to be a licensed practical nurse.

I would love to be an RN but don’t think I would be able to pass the math classes.

Any other suggestions if LPN school is a waste of time and money?

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  1. Salary Helper says:

    I’m not sure about Pittsburgh specifically, but the salary for a LPN in PA typically ranges from $14.98 to $19.71/hour. And the median starting salary for a LPN in the U.S. is $14.83/hour. Your employment setting may affect your salary range as an LPN, as well as other factors. To find more accurate salary data for your specific LPN position, you can take a free salary survey at

    Hope that helps,
    Assistant to Dr. Salary