Are Lpns In Demand Anymore? I Have Been Hearing Rumors That It Is Really Hard To Find A Lpn Job Anywhere?

When I first signed up for the PN program I was told that LPNs were high in demand especially in long term care facilities and home health care, but now that I am almost done, one of my instructors tells me that I am going to have a hard time finding a job because there are no positions available for LPns. Is this an accurate statement?

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  1. Dogstar, Siriusly speaking says:

    There’s very little demand for Leprechaun P*nis Nibblers anymore. Or indeed P*nis Nibblers in general.

  2. Not really. Demand always fluctuates depending on location and politics. If you are prepared to travel you have unlimited potential. Watch for job fairs. Some hiring agencies have lots of perks but you have to sign a 1 year contract, so make sure you will stick it out for the duration or they won’t give you your sign in bonus or 1st months free rent. Make sure you do the research and find out what it is you are getting into. If you are stuck in one place for whatever reason, that could be a problem because you have to compete with a whole school of grads. Some nursing schools will host a job fair near graduation.
    Here is a suggestion. Take a course in foot care and start your own pedicure business. Lot’s of insurance companies cover this treatment, (such as Blue Cross) and some nursing homes will cover your fees out of their entertainment budget. It’s a lot of work starting your own business but the freedom is worth it.
    Don’t just email resumes. Try to make face to face contact with the human resource people. Get recommendation letters from nurses/nurse managers that got to know you as a student. If you are not working 2 weeks after you get your license, it’s time to think about volunteering in some capacity at a hosptial or reasonably sized retirement/nursing home. It’s one way to learn about openings before anybody else.
    We are called RPN’s in Canada but its the same rung on the ladder. I quit years ago and now I am a Registered Reflexologist.