Are There Lpn Traveling Jobs To Mexico?

No. There is high unemployment in Mexico, they do NOT need foreign workers. They do not use traveling nurses at all. The very bet thing you could do for your career is to enroll in a community college and get an associate degree in nsg. so you can get your R.N… that will open many job opportunities for you. Then, you can get your BSN if desired.

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  1. Unless you are a Mexican citizen, jobs are extremely difficult to get since companies must claim they can’t find any Mexican who can do the work in order to get you a work permit.
    If you are a Mexican citizen, unemployment is high and jobs are scarce. You could contact the state or federal government employment to see if they have any such position but I have never heard of such a service.

  2. marci knows best says:

    I would put an ad in a paper in the U.S. to see if any elderly person needs a nurse traveling companion. Almost impossible to come here to get a job in that compacity. Although you might try a mission that comes to mexico to help the locals.