ARMY wifes! and ARMY MEn..E4′s Please answer!!! My hubby left 3 weeks ago for boot camp….What to expect?

Ok…so My husband is an LPN and he enlisted E4….He left 3 weeks ago for Boot Camp..Is is n SOUTH carolina….Fort Jackson…
He is 27 and Im 23 we have 3 daughters who are all 5 and under…

Ive gotten a few calls from him and a couple letters….
So we got stationed in FORT cambell I believe…In KY close to TN…

So on June 22nd he will Graduate boot camp…then go to Texas For AIT training….so….

Can someone explain to me what will happen….or just if they have done this…

Im missin him dearly…and I just wanna have him home ;P(
Yes I know this….he already is a LPN..and Enlisted as E4….He has like a 4 yr college education…Orinally he thought he would be n texas for around 10 weeks…Today the letter I got…he said the main man said w his education he’ll only be there 4 to 5….So i dunno …I guess Im just homesick for him

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  1. lemontreesg says:

    his AIT in Sam Houston will be a while and you wont see him much,after that you can settle in at Fort Campbell what happens after that i cant say

  2. belinda 2 says:

    He will move into phases that allow more freedom, and you will hear more from him. My husband went through boot camp at Jackson when our second child was born. After the baby was born, they let him have a few extra phone calls. I don’t think you can go to AIT with him, but after that you should all be together. It was slightly different for us, since my husband went to OCS after basic, but that’s how it went for us.

    In a couple years, 9 weeks of boot camp will seem like nothing. I’m on my second deployment now, with three kids. It’s a tough life, but once you get to your duty station, you will find more support.