Becoming a Nurse -juvenile drug felony?

i have a juvenile drug felony in Florida 4 years ago charged but not prosecuted
successfully complete diversion program . trying to get into lpn program on background check form i must disclose this information am i disqualified cause of this. please only answer if you have a real answer

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  1. Helen Seven says:

    No, you are not. Good luck.

  2. CommonSense says:

    >”i disqualified cause of this. please only answer if you have a real answer”

    It depends on the LPN program and the licensing requirements for your state! Why don’t you ask the folks that run that specific program? At least that’s how an adult would handle a situation like this.

    >”please only answer if you have a real answer”

    This is as real an answer as you’re going to get for free!

  3. sweet.caroline says:

    It may depend on how the question is asked. If it asks if you were guilty of a drug offense and you were not found guilty then fine. If it says were you wever charged, then you have ot asnwer yes and explain it.

    I don’t know about nurses, but we had cases with teachers who were asked certain questions and there it said, “charged” and not convicted or guilty. If they said no, they could be fired so they had to say yes and then explain that they were not prosecuted or were found to be not guilty or charges were dropped or wahteve r adn add whatever else they wanted. If hired and foudn out lied, then it was automatic firing and no defense. Could fight it if turned down because charged and not found guilty.

    You could ask the counselors at a nursing school and get a copy fothe application to see how it is worded.

    I think you would be better off to be honest onthe form and then explain it.
    Answer only what is actually asked on theapplication though.