Becoming a nurse, where do i start?

My Wife wants to become a nurse. She is 21 years old. We live in New Jersey. I think the process is to get an associates degree from a community college and then transfer to work towards a 4 year degree in a state school. However… looking online at Bergen Community College where she already has about 16 credits, it says all nursing applicants for the A.A.S evening program need to have a valid NJ LPN license. (legal practical nurse)

How does she first obtain this? If i am wrong on the steps, please advise me.

Thank you,
Yes are we talking community college… im sure with a high school diploma and a few credits she can’t go straight into nursing school?

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  1. megannnn says:

    go to college

  2. Nursing school. Or college. Go talk to a college advisor. Or visit a hospital

  3. Cassidy C says:

    medical school, then go from there.

  4. Call around and chat with other nurses they will be happy to direct you in the right direction.

  5. college honey

  6. sunbaby023 says:

    I live in FL & haven’t ever heard of that. Send her to see a college advisor & they can guide her the right way.

  7. i believe she has to go to an undergraduate college get her general credits and whatever other credentials she needs, then apply for the nursing program. Get an associates degree then transfer to a 4 yr college.

  8. Fabulous Gal says:

    make sure you can take what nurses are shouldn’t be sensitive.then if you are ready and make up yourself, enroll in college

  9. Your best bet would be going to the office at the school and ask the directly. They usually have pamphlets or course descriptions to hand out. They are usually very good at helping out, and they know the way the steps work!

  10. valleyprincess121 says:

    The laws very from state to state. The AAS may be a advanced program. A program for the advancement of one already registered. It usually takes about2 yrs at a community college, and then clinical. Certain courses are required before you can even apply to the nursing program, so the credits aren’t the issue, it’s the courses. You have to apply to the nursing program, and you have to compete for your place. Go to your local community college, and talk to a career adviser. That is the easiest way to do it. It can be confusing trying to look it all up on the net and look at the schedule on line, it can seem complicated. It is well worth it if she wants to do it. Good Luck!!!
    No, she can not go to nursing school with a diploma and a few credits. She must take the prerequisites first then apply to the nursing program.

  11. She should talk to a career counselor at a hospital in your area. Can she get a job with the credits that she has? Then, go to school part-time and have her employer pay for it via tuition reimbursement. That way, she can test it out while she’s working and not be surprised after going to school for a few years. Getting a BS in Nursing is best – she would have to see what type of nursing she wants to do.

  12. The school / program you are looking into is designed for LPN students who are completing their RN. She needs to find out if this school offers a traditional 2 year RN program for non-LPNs. Or find a different school that does, and transfer her credits.