Becoming A Nurse/lpn In The Army?

I’m 18 years old and I’m thinking about joining the army to be a nurse/lpn. I’m not sure whether or not I should be active duty or not cause I hear that the chances of going to Iraq are pretty high. I want to know where my basic training would be and how hard it is. I’m about 4 11 and in pretty bad shape but I know i can do this. Please help with information.

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  1. go for it!

  2. Check out All the requirements for the PT is on there. Tells you exactly how fast you have to run, how many push ups, how many situps, etc etc etc.
    Good luck to you!

  3. Victor Bout says:

    Apparently the Army has changed it up, back in the day a 91C was a LPN. Now a 68W, with a M6 ASI (Additional Skill Identifier) is a LPN…
    Regarding PT, you’ll need to get into shape somewhat to be in the military. Although LPN is not like being in the Infantry, you’ll always have to take PT test. You’re 18, no better time or chance to get into shape.
    LPN’s are either assigned to work in fixed base hospital, or they can be assigned to field hospitals. Field hospitals deploy, but they’re not like a tactical unit so even in Iraq they would rarely if ever be outside the wire…
    Additional school or college classes is possible after your regular shift/day is done and you’re not deployed.
    If you’re interested in becoming a RN, the Army has the “Green to Gold” program which pays for all college while you attend RN program at select colleges/universities.y

  4. jhonatan t says:

    well the only thing i can tell you is that it doesnt really matter if your active duty or army reserve the probability of you going to iraq is the same Im a 68 W which is below lpn and ive already been to iraq once in the three years ive been in. Also basic training isnt really that difficult and if youre really serious about joining then my suggestion is to run every other day and start doing push-ups and sit-ups it will help. Hope i helped a little good luck and im sure youll make the right decision for you.

  5. Vampire 13R says:

    Check the Army RESERVE. In many cases they offer a better deal than the Regular Army. Since many hospital units drill at civilian hospitals they are required to be state certified.. A Friend of mine was sent to an Ivy League University for his RN. They put him on active duty for the entire time so they paid him and paid for the school. What a deal.

  6. I dont know if you are set on joining the army but the AF has a pretty good program out there for becoming a nurse. We are really shorthanded with them. You make a kick *** special duty pay and are now getting as high as Capt rank when you enlist. The program is like you get paid the rank of e-5 to go to school full time and when you are done you give them at least 4 years. Also, the AF has been awesome to me and is more “civilianized” than the other branches.