Becoming A Radiography Tech (x-ray Tech) Or Lpn And Then Joing The Usaf?

Ok soo what if i get my 2-year degree as a x-ray tech or my LPN and then join the Air force is there a speical basic trainning for me (Commissioned Officer Training) i keep reading the USAF website about it but i cant find a real answer. I think that i read that you have to have a 4 year BSN. And what would i go in as like a e-1 or a higher e or in as an officer? im soo lost

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  1. Any officer needs a 4 yr BSN degree. After boot camp, youll come out as either a e-1 or e -2. You could go to OCS as an e-3, but you cant go to The Basic school until you have that 4 yr BSN degree.

  2. Get your Xray Tech or RN not a LPN…
    An RN is an Officer…

  3. A 2 year associate degree will NOT get you a commission.
    You want a commission get your BSN.