Best state for medical jobs?

Coming out of nursing school they tell you jobs in health care will always be in demand. Well here in Virginia it is not.
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So we are just not making enough money at my current job here. I am a LPN now but still studying to be a RN by the end of the year. I know LPNs are not really in demand compared to RNs.

I was planning to move to some where else but not sure where. I was considering Florida (Tampa) because it seems like it would be easy to get a cheap house there as well. But at this point it does not matter. Does anyone have any idea where is the best place to move for jobs in the health care field? I say health care because as I said I will be a RN soon. Any advice or suggestions?

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  1. florida,ohio,texas,california,virginia

  2. california

  3. Florida and California

  4. Florida has the most retirees so health care is in high demand with so many older people living there. I hear california pays very well, but the cost of living is very high too.