Can An Lpn Work In A Hospital In The Er Room?

I want to become a pediatric nurse but my first main step will probably be to become an LPN because i can do that through my local community college. So can i work in a hospital helping patients? And what would i be able to do? Can i call the patients back and ask them their symptoms, take their temp and all? And can i work night shifts and stuff? Thanks :)

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  1. WHere an LPN can work is entirely up to the hospital policies. We had LVNs for awhile in our ER doing wound care & assisting in the minor trauma area. But they were phased out. I know in the hospitals I have been in, the triage nurse takes the vitals and that has to be an RN as LVNs can not triage. For sure you would be able to work the hospital clinics and possibly the med surg floors. Probably not the specialty floors would be my guess; but again, it’s a hospital decision. Part of the reason is LVNs can not do patient assessment and give IV meds–which is important on most specialty floors.

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