can anyone help me find scholarships?

i am 25 year old woman married to enlisted navy sailor we are stationed in VA, i worked as an LPN last year and I plan on attending RN school this year (associates program) – i was denied financial aid – i have 2 children 6 years old and 4 mos old. I really want to go to school, but I am afraid that we cannot afford it. please help if you can.
husband is deployed.

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  1. Visit your local library!

    There are no shortage of grants, scholarships, etc. for which you can apply. The library where I work has lots and lots of information about the various private sector and public sector funds which are available for qualified applicants.

    But this is the sort of information you can find at any major city library.

  2. drew_tease says:

    Cool, I hope that your husband comes home safely, I myself is retired navy.
    What you want to do is to talk to his OMBUDSMAN, he or she can help you look for scholarship, aside to going on the FAFSA aplication. Also, I think that your husband can transfer his MGIB for his spouse or children to use, not only that the OMBUDSMAN can call in to the local Command Master Chief to see if there is any scholarships offered from the Command that he is stationed with.
    When I was in Texas, the local commands are giving scholarship away to children and spouses, so you might want to see if they can help you with such.

  3. Try the American Legion, VFW and any other organization he may qualify to be in. They have scholarships that you would qualify for. (one of these others I belong to gives two scholarships of 1500 a year to a very small group of candidates. too bad I have no dependents to take a shot at it.)

    The library is another good place. There are some books there that list just about every scholarship out there.

  4. BloodCountess says:

    Hmm, you should get a job as an LPN, even part time, because the hospital will pay for you schooling.