Can I get a Private student loan w/o a co-signer w/ No credit history?

When I say “no” credit, I mean 4 small credit cards w/ small limits. Unfortunately, I do not have a co-signer to meet the requirements on the loan, because of inquires on the score. Considering that I’m excelling in Nursing school, I feel confident in repaying the loan. My school doesn’t offer the Stafford Loan so that is not an option. Are there any lendors that will loan to a full-time student with very little credit, that is not bad, with out the co-signer? If so, I would greatly appreciate their link… THANX ~M.J. :)

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  1. BlountBride says:

    I asked a similuar question and got 2 answers… Fafsa. I know that’s probably not helpfull, but if you do get a good answer please let me know!! Good luck, it seems that we both may need it :P

  2. Airline Confused says: