Can i get a student loan with bad credit?

I am enrolled in a nursing program at excelsior college and currently ineligible for financial aid given that its an exam-based program.I have bad credit ( which am not proud of ) but gross ,000 annually. I have a co-signer with the same annual income but a credit score of 525.
I need about 00 for tuition. Do you know of any lenders willing to work with such parameters?

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  1. Katlady says:

    I don’t think you will get a loan, you had loans you didn’t pay back, and your co-signer has a low score as well.

  2. spalmer says:

    It’s unlikely that you’ll get a private loan with a bad credit score. Your cosigner will not be approved with that low of a credit score either. You could still apply and try because you never know… some banks approve low scores. You may also look into a personal loan since the amount you need isn’t very high. Obviously, this depends on what other expenses you have, but with an annual income of almost $50,000 you should be able to afford the monthly payments (obviously, these are not deferred until you are out of school). Good luck to you.