Can I get more than one student loan at the same time?

I am thinking about applying for a stafford loan but the cap is 3500.00 for a full year. Being a single person living on my own, that isn’t enough to support myself while I go to school. I do get financial aid through the GOV but it’s not even enough to cover the cost of my tuition and books. I’m about to start the nursing program soon and I won’t have enough time to work and go to school so I’m trying to find a way to support myself while I go to school so that I can go full time. My credit is really bad though so I’m afraid to try many banks and such. I am an Honor student with a really high GPA but I don’t know if that counts when they look at loan approval or not. I’m new to the loan thing and I need to know if I can get more money elsewhere or if I can get a side loan to go along with the stafford loan. Does credit matter when applying for a student loan through a bank and stuff like that. Thank you.

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  1. whatcanmaxdo4u?everythingupscant says:

    You can apply for more than one student loan at a time. I don’t know if you are a graduate or undergrad, but you can apply for either a private loan or tuition assistance, but here are some of the things you will want to consider:

    1.) Since you don’t have good credit, the best bet is to have a creditworthy cosigner or somebody that will apply on your behalf (i.e. one of your parents or guardians or relatives). Go to websites like or for applying for a loan that way.

    2.) If you do not have good credit, you have to have work experience and make some type of income. Include where you work, how much you make annually, and how often you get paid.

    Those are the main options available. Another option is to go to the financial aid office and see if there is any more money they can give you. You might also want to work on a payment plan just in case you’re really having difficulty paying tuition.


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