can i go to college in ohio while collecting unemployment?

hello,the hospital ive worked at 14 years is closing our entire unit. .they do not have any jobs elsewhere in the hospital to offer except for the RN’s. in general hospitals no longer hire LPN’s. only nursing homes and i know ill have to take a 5 dollar pay cut even if i find a job. this could be my only opportunity to go back for my RN (increased job security,options,pay) the wia program/grant for displaced workers will not grant the funds as i have a license already .i was hoping to receive unemployment while returning to school for an LPN to RN program .i am the soul provider for my family. anyone have any knowledge/tips in this area. i dont want to loose my unemployment benifits for doing so.thanks

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  1. Yes, you can go to school while collecting U.C., but it cannot interfere with your ability to work! So, if you are taking evening classes, this should not be a problem, unless you turn down an evening job!
    The unemployment issue when it comes to school is always whether you are “able and available for work”.