Can You Become An LPN While Pursing A RN Degree?

Im working on becoming an RN but i dont want to be in school taking nursing and not making any money for 4 years
I wanted to know if after two years of college can i get a job as an LPN and still continue to get my degree to become a RN?

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  1. shelly_cox80 says:

    Not sure how that works. But I do know you can go to school to be an LPN and then bridge over to an RN with less schooling.

  2. No, you are not allowed to become an LPN after 2 yrs of college. An LPN program is designed completely differently than an RN program. However, if you want to earn money quicker, you can take a 2 yr RN program. Then you can take your board exam and work as an RN while you complete your BSN :) That’s what I’m doing. Plus, many employers will pay for RN to BSN school.