Can you graduate from a trade school with an LPN degree then move to a university to earn you RN degree?

Can someone please tell me if they know of any schools or institutes where i can obtain an LPN certificate fast. (In NYC) Thanks for your time!

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  1. Question 1: Yes. But most of the LPN to RN conversion programs are not at universities, but at community colleges. And after you earn the two-year ASN degree, there are ASN-to-BSN programs; many employers will help you with those ASN-to-BSN programs if you’re interested.

    Got a link at the bottom listing LPN programs. I’d opt for a community college if I were you–cheaper, friendly, and more of their credits would apply if you did the LPN-to-ASN program in their system.

  2. Jeremythebestknownauthor says:

    well u look like a smart person you could try harvard .