Can you still work in the Labor & Delivery/Newborn Nursery if you are a LPN/LVN?

I was thinking about going to school for Nursing. I been looking into Nursing for a long time now and i always come back to Neonatal Nursing. I would like to be in the Labor & Delivery or Newborn Nursery. Now that I know I would like to work with newborns i just need to know what i need to go to school for?

PLEASE Answer Only if you Know!!!! Thanks Alot

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  1. bailey?buggin says:

    when my mom was just an LPN, she worked in the newborn nursery. THen she decided to become an RN, and now she works in labor and delivery :)

    edit: id recommend going for your RN. it will open up more jobs and youll get better pay as well

    My older sister is also an RN and she has worked in both the NICU and the mother-baby (post-partum) unit

  2. You must be an RN. Most hospital these days do not hire LPN/LVNs, so it is imperative you are a registered nurse. In most states, only RNs can do assessments and observations and carry out doctor’s orders in a hospital setting. It would be best to go to school for registered nursing. Hope this helped, good luck :)