Career change questions re: Nursing Home Administrator vs. nursing home LPN/LVN MDS Coordinator?

Please compare/contrast positions: pay, responsibility, opportunities, liabilities, pros/cons of each. Thanks!
Have B.S. in Communication and vocational/practical nursing license.
Please limit answers to the specific question, not about home businesses. Both of these career options are limited to working in nursing homes (long-term care facilities).

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  1. Micheal says:

    LPN information

  2. Kendy73 says:

    This is just based on my experience, so take that into consideration. I think it depends on the state you are in, the level of experience you have and the area in which you are working.
    I have worked in a lot of nursing homes and have found that the ones in larger metro areas pay more in general, that you have to have an RN here to be the MDS coordinator but just a BA/BS and 9 weeks of training to be the administrator.
    The MDS nurse normally has less responsibility then the DON, but more then just a floor nurse. The administrator is responsible for everything in the facility, every department and is where the buck stops for all problems.