College Choice For Lpn In Central Florida?

What would be a good community college or private for LPN in Orlando or Ocala region. As well if you could include the website of your choice and why you would suggest this school…thanks

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  1. Valencia CC or Seminole CC for the Orlando area. Lakeland CC is a good choice as well. Community college are a great choice for the LPN but maybe unnecessary (Price is a little high and need some planning..if you want to becom a RN this is the best transition).
    Some of the career oriented school (technical/Vocational) are a good choice as well like for Orlando Tech and Winterpark Tech not as expensive. I’m sure there is one in your area. (The price is great but all day time courses).
    The main goal is to be a State certified LPN. If at the end of the program you’re eligible to test thats the program for you.
    Private schools (are flexible) like Kieser,FMU, Americare(Not sure of the name) could be good as well. I’m not sure if you can test after the completion of the program or if more requirements are needed. (The price is over the top, but a flexible schedule and tution loans)
    As for employment in a hospital, you must have your LPN licensed from florida. Which school you when to doesnt matter as much…except for if you had a intership there(at the Hosp or job site) may weigh more..
    My top choice would be because I went there and they’re flexible, evening courses. I am thinking about going back for an RN or Rad Tech degree.

  2. Well, you should talk to your local hospitals. I live in Melbourne and I talked to a nurse manager at ORMC in Orlando, nurse manager at Holmes Regional Medical Center and a few others and was told the same thing. Florida is phasing out LPN’s. The reasons are that 1) Medical Assistants can basically do what an LPN can plus are taught to take blood and a few other things. 2) The hospitals can hire these MA’s for way less than an LPN plus they don’t have to insure them with as high of malpractice insurance as they do LPN’s. Also, schools like the one I attend, Keiser University, have certified programs for someone to become an RN in 2 years.
    I checked into the LPN thing first because I thought I could get into nursing quicker and found out in my area I would have a hard time finding a good paying job as for the reasons I stated above. So I enrolled in the RN program I am in now, and LOVE it.
    I hope this helps you in your decision making process.