Difference in LPN and ADN, please?

Don’t I feel like a bucket of bananas. I seem to be a bit confused. I know what both an ADN and a LPN are, but, what is the difference? If I wanted to pursue a career in nursing, would it be smart to go for a program offering LPN, first? Or, is that part of the ADN, or what? I know it’s different from an RN and BSN, and all of that, and at the moment, I’m concerned with neither of those.

I would really appreciate some advice. I was considering going for a program offering an ADN, but then I came across an LPN program. Is one ‘lesser’ than the other? What is better? Is one a requirement of the other, or something? I read some answered questions, but they didn’t help that much. Thanks in advance!

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  1. LPN is 2 year
    RN is 2 or 4 years. 4 year is BSN but RN and BSN RN can do exactly the same thing.