Do guys appreciate women who “work their way up” in careers?

Im in my mid 20′s and not where I thought I would be. In high school, I used to day dream that by the time I was 25, I would be a “happy, independent, career women – with or without a boyfriend” with a nice car (used or new) and my own place with my own money”. As you can tell, I’m an ambitious girl. Since I was 16, I was in the healthcare field as a patient escort at the state hospital; when I was in college doing nursing pre-reqs, I became a nursing unit volunteer for the heart unit; then I became a nursing assistant and worked at nursing home for years and now I’m in nursing school to become an LPN. The thing with nursing is that you have to work your way up with anything you do and there are many different field you can go into – managing, floor nurse, administrative stuff, etc.. with different floors according to disease/system. After my LPN, i (hope) and plan to get my RN, then BSN, and maybe even master’s. Even nurses go through occasional classes here and there throughout their whole career. My clinical instructor is in her 60′s and started from the bottom of the ladder to now being an instructor and getting her master’s. It’s amazing. School sucks but I have to accept that I’ll be learning forever.

Most people just go to college, get their bachelor’s and their careers are set. With this economy, you’re very lucky you can get a job. My question is that I’ll be in school… pretty much forever, while working. Things will settle down a bit as I keep going up the ladder (as long as I have my foundation of LPN, I think i’m alright). Do guys see this as a hassle? “Oh she’s still in school, not worth my time”. Of course, right now is crunch time and I would be too busy and it would be so unfair to be in a relationship (so selfish of me) but later on, things will cool down but there will be things to do. I would love to be with someone supportive who understands (as I would with him) but it seems rare. Most guys just want to hear “degree” and “job” – that’s it. Would some guys support someone in my position? Do guys appreciate ambitious women?

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  1. If you were my girlfriend I would certainly support you. Now that I think about it, I wouldnt expect anything less from the girl I’ll end up with in the end.

  2. Guys don’t appreciate girls who wear the pants in their relationships. Blatantly put; we don’t care how much you earn as long as it doesn’t exceed our pay.