do lpn’s and rn’s deal with needles during school ???

like do u get stuck with needles during class room time ? for training ? cause i wanna be a lpn and eventually be a rn but i am very deathly scared of needles :(
do lpn’s have to get stuck with needles
do rn’s have to get stuck with needles ….

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  1. Diane A says:

    Yes of course. You must give shots, learn to start IVs and draw blood.

  2. uncertain/what2do says:

    Most states do not teach IV therapy or phlebotomy to LPNs (they can to gain additional certification upon graduation, if they wish). Doing IVs are the only thing that I ever did involving needle on another student or allowed them to do to me, which is generally not taught during most LPN programs, but you should check with your state board of nursing with the specifics on that in your state. As far as injections, you don’t do them on one another. You learn techniques, how to draw up medication in to the syringe, type of syringe to use and appropriate needle size, etc. But it is likely your first injection will be on a real live patient during clinical. Trust me nursing students who also don’t know what they are doing are more understanding than the general public. At the end of the day you have to learn to do injections, drawn blood, and start IVs on other people showing proficiency for the sake of school and likely during the course of a career as a nurse, if you are not capable of that then perhaps you ought to consider a different profession.