Do you believe RNs should get the same salary as LPNs?

In December of 2003, I started working as an LPN (staff nurse) for a retirement center. In 2007, I received my RN and continued to work at the same retirement center. I was given a .00 increase in pay, going from LPN to RN status. I complained about the poor increased in pay and the nursing home administrator promoted me to a supervisor night position, which gave me an additional increase of .20. So, therefore, I received a total increase of .20……going from LPN to RN. Honestly, I make .40 working the night shift.( including shift diff)

In this facility, regardless if you are an LPN or RN, both titles receive the same amount of money for supervisor status. There are LPNs and RNs working as supervisor and both get the same money.
The nursing home administator stated “it does not matter if you are an LPN or RN. All we want are good nurses”

What do you think? I decided to become an RN because I believed it would be beneficial to my patients, plus the increase in pay was an another factor. I have student loans now.
Should I get a new job? Please I need some input

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  1. .Tha QueeN. says:

    Yes you should get a new job that is ridiculous. RNs are more trained therefore are entitled to more pay.

  2. Yes, you need a new job, if you want the better pay. The difference between LPN and RN is 2 or 3 years of study, isn’t it? And so, the RN should be making more.

    Check into hospital nursing, home health like visiting nurses, or nurses in doctor’s offices. Certainly some of these must pay more than the nursing home.

  3. No, I believe the RN should get more, as their degree takes twice as long (4 years) and they have more responsibilities. However, in a supervisor position, the pay is for the supervisor position. Id find another job that compensates your pay with your level of education.

  4. Girl, youre wasting your time there and wasting your breath. Start searching NOW for another job that pays you the salary of a RN. Good luck!

  5. irishlady says:

    Definitely RN’s should get more than an LPN’s not only for the learning part of it but also comes more responsibility & Supervisor should get even higher pay scale because she’s responsible for the shift in general I worked 12 yrs in a nursing home 11-7AM as an aide initially then I became a CNA I got a pay increase also night diff I would put my resumes out there have youthought about private duty care I am doing this now as a CNA you could do very well Good luck to you

  6. What it boils down to is whether you like your job. I’m an RN and I have a BSN, but I took a pay cut so I could work in an outpatient neurology department. I work days, never work weekends, and always get holidays off. To me it was worth the pay cut.

    I’m making more than my colleagues who are LPNs and MAs, but I’m making less than my nurse manager, who is actually an LPN!

    But if money is the motivating factor then you could probably make more someplace else.

  7. RNs should definitely get paid more. Not only do they have more responsibilities, but they are held responsible if something goes wrong to a greater degree than LPNs are. I suggest applying at a new facility, maybe if you come in with the RN degree they’ll offer you more to begin with.

  8. hairbuttafly says:

    Yes get a new job. Im suprised you still there! LoL! But honestly if you like your job and not stressed then stay. But still way your options do a salary search in your area. Then send out your resume and see what offers you get. As a supervisor you have more options and can probably negotiate better pay somewhere else.