Do You Have To Fight Or Go In Combat As A Army Lpn? Plz Help?

i know it might be risks but i don’t want to fight or go in combat
i also heard that if you the only child they wont draft you.
is that true?
i seen a recruiter today I’m 18 and i really wat to be something but my mother is scared i might die and I’m her only baby.
PLz Plz help i really want to do it help our soldier’s and what they do for us every day.

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  1. Theoretically women do not go into combat…..but if you are a medic you might see some action. The recruiter is telling you that you will be a LPN? The closest job to that is Health Care Specialist (68W). A 68W is a medic. You can be sent with MP units on patrol or on convoy operations. If you are really afraid of possibly going into combat, get an MOS that keeps you in at least a field hospital. Try this : 68D-Operating Room Specialist / Dental Specialist (68E) / Pharmacy Specialist (68Q) /Radiology Specialist (68P)
    Remember though that your asvab scores determine what you are qualified for. Good luck.

  2. I’m afraid what Megs said above is true.
    I was talking to one of my Air Force ROTC friends and he said there are times if the base is under attack, they hand you a rifle and say, “Go.”
    There is also the chance you’ll find yourself in combat. That is what being a soldier is all about. Training you for the unknown. Luck favors the prepared.
    You don’t need to join the military to help our soldiers. Simply letting them know you thank them and 100% supporting them, I think it is psychologically important to them to know that the nation they are fighting for is supporting them.

  3. I think you would make a great soldier, I think it takes about ten support soldiers to every combat soldier. We don’t have a draft.may have been true years ago. I am sure you can be a support soldier, and no mother wants there child in the service. But you are eighteen and you can do what you think you want to do.

  4. You can always help the soldiers without having to join the military.
    There is always a possibility of going to a combat zone. You are government property, you will go where they need you to go.

  5. LPNs in the Army primarily work in hospitals. However, you may be called upon to defend the base your hospital is on, or to care for Soldiers who are being transported from one facility to another.

  6. dont join if your scared theres no room for people like you