Do you have to go to nursing school to go become an LPN?

I want to go for 2 year nursing.. Do I have to go to a nursing school? or can I just finish my prereques and become an LPN? Can you tell me more about it ? thnks!

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  1. Some nursing schools do 4 year Baccalaureate Nursing program. There are also 2 yr associate degree nursing and I want to say LPNs do like 12-18 months of nursing classes in that program. Good luck.

  2. Moon Crystal says:

    YES! LPNs are nurses (Licensed Practical NURSE). It is essentially the same education as the first year of an associates degree program.

    You can become an LPN and bridge to RN while working as an LPN. LPN programs are 12-18 months while RN programs are 2-4 years. The only state I know of that you can become an LVN without going through any nursing program is California (and you had to have been a medic in the military). The catch is that you cannot transfer your license out of the state and I would be surprised if you could bridge to RN.

    Best of luck.