Do you have to have training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

I asked this before and I really didn’t get the answer I was looking for maybe I didn’t ask it right or thoroughly explain my question so let me try again. I am pursuing to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. I am currently waiting for my financial aid results at Florida Community College at Jacksonville, Fl.So in the meantime I have to wait for everything to clear. I have done my research about what an LPN does and have looked up jobs as in what employers are looking and it says that most health care employers are looking for people that has experience in health care facilities. So i thought about becoming a certified nursing assistant. I know what the responsibilities are for becoming a CNA. My question is…is it required for you to take those training class where you have to dish out about 0-0 for about a one-six week course I have an aunt who is a CNA but works as a nursing assistant/medical assistant at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. and she is willing to train and show what I need to learn to pass the State Board Exam?

I am aware of what CNA’s do as well.

Basically my question it necessary to takre those expensive course and is becoming a CNA is a good ideal to start you way off and how much are they paid in Jacksonville Fl.

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  1. The Reincarnation says:

    Yea you have train for CNA, matterfact my aunt does it down here in New Jersey and my mom is looking forward to do it as well but she have to pay 1000$ for it, thats how it is over here in NY, idk bout FL.

  2. ???????? Mom2two ???????? says:

    CNA start pay is minimum wage. A Nurse assistant is not the same as a medical assistant there is about a 4 dollar difference and alot more responsibilities and training.

    Im assuming your question is can you skip the schooling and go straight for the test and the answer is no. You must go to a school that is accredited and pass to be able to sit for the test. If you are going for LPN then you will need to do your CNA 1st anyways and possibly have it covered through financial aid or your student loans