does anyone know how good indiana state university online nursing program is?

I want to do their LPN to BSN online program, but it sounds a little bogus to me…. I wanna know if its reliable and worth the while to do…. the more specifics the better. Ive seen their website and info on the course but would like to know if anyone knows more about it.
It has excellent accreditation and approved by Indiana State Board of Nursing, but Im not sure if It is approved by Virginia which is where i need to be licensed. Indiana is also not on the Licensure Compact with other states yet. (Virginia is…. but not Indiana)

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  1. no but u could check out google, they is always a link that could lead you somewhere

  2. Find out about it’s accreditation. Check with the State Board of Nursing for this. That’s the gold standard. Their graduates cannot take Board Exams unless the program is properly accredited. Since the University is accredited, I would think this would be OK.