Does anyone know of scholarships or grant for students going into nursing?

I am currently waiting to get into the LPN program at Owens Community College here in Toledo, Ohio. I was wondering if there are any grants or scholarships for students that are going into the nursing program. I am finishing the classes that i am able to take before getting into the program this Fall. I will be reviewed this August then i’ll know when i will have a seat in the program. I would appreciate it if anyone has any information that they can pass my way!! Thanks!!

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  1. shona_nicole says:

    It really just depends on where you go. Every state has different scholarships and grants. I just got a grant that will put me through the entire RN program, and all I have to pay for is my uniform. Talk to your advisor or the head of the nursing program. There is all kinds of help out there. Good Luck!!

  2. Peaceful Truth says:

    Nursing is in HIGH demand. I commend you.

    To answer your question. Contact Owen Community college Dean of Students and ask for the list of scholarships for Nursing. There should be many.

    If not, go to and nose around under scholarships. Also, is a scholar searchengine.

    Congrats on choosing a field that we all need and should appreciate more.

  3. ratemyexperience says:

    Hello how are you? What I suggest that you do is use a scholarship search. A scholarship search allows you to create a profile and receive information for all the scholarships that you are eligible to apply for based on your profile description, for example: a scholarship for a student who is an expecting mother. actually has 2 free scholarship searches available right now. Also you may be able to find a grant on their site as well. I hope this helps. Good Luck!