Few questions about becoming a nurse?

Im considering maybe doing nursing, Im stuck bewteen lpn and Rn. i tried going to my community college website but most of it so confusing, ill look under LPN and they talk about what you do as a RN. Im pretty sure there not the same? or are they?

MY questions are

Are they the same thing, how long are you in college for,and how much do you make Lpd compares to a Rn. I read some where you go to school for 4 years to be a rn,then another website site said 2, can you become a rn in 2 years? i would perfer to only go for 2 years but i still want to make go money.

Also do they have online classes for nursing?

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  1. I am going to college for my Associates in nursing. (RN)

    From top to bottom:

    RN- Registered Nurse: Usually 2-3 year Associates degree.
    Salary: $55,000-$67,000. Must take NCLEX exam.
    For RN to BSN degree (associates to Bachelors) add additional 2 years or so.

    LPN- Licensed Practical Nurse- Usually 1 year certificate ONLY. Salary: $39,000-$43,000.

    CNA- Certified Nursing Assistant- Usually 1 year certificate ONLY.
    Salary: $10-12 per hour.

    For all the above. Like any job, the more experience you have the potential to make more money is higher.

    I know you can take the online general education courses to fullfill your prereq. classes.
    Example: English, College Algebra, Humanities, Psychology, Anatomy ect..
    Your actual clinicals and labs are usually at a local hospital/health care facility for hands on training. Usually in your second year.

    What state do you live in?

  2. Shannon answered this one on point! I’ll give her thumbs UP!