Fiance Being Sent To Air Force Base In Japan As First Duty Assignment?

My fiance, who is currently in USAF Tech School, told me tonight that his first duty station is in Japan. I planned & still do plan on becoming an LPN. This will only take about a year & a half. After that I will become an RN.
I don’t know if the base he’s assigned to (I don’t know which one it is right now) has community colleges on it or not. If it does, then I could go to one of those if they have a nursing program. But the thing is, I would not be able to get a job there, unless I speak Japanese, would I?
I have no idea what to do. We are not going to split up. That’s not happening. We’re going to stay together, no matter what we have to go through. But I wish there was a way we could be together. And I don’t know how long he has to be there.
Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? Please don’t respond if you don’t know anything about what you’re talking about. Please don’t be hateful. Thank you for reading & responding if you do.

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  1. Exlilly….how exciting!
    There will be undergraduate courses available to you but clinicals, not so much. Could you tell us the name of the base…somebody will be able to tell you what schools are available at that location. I don’t think that you will be able to finish your LPN there based on what you have told us. Maybe you can work on another degree in addition to your LPN…ie education so you can teach nursing later, maybe…just a thought.
    It is not that difficult to add a spouse on to orders….I did it all the time when I was in Iceland. I just needed a marriage certificate, etc The AD spouse has a little running around to do once they have amended orders (orders with the spouse added) but nothing earth shattering.

  2. Um….. I would say you wouldn’t need to speak Japanese to go to Base, they might be from the U.S.

  3. All the bases have a community college campus. I’ve never seen a nursing program offered. There’s no place where you could do your practical training hours.
    Is he going to Yokota, Kadena or Misawa?
    You will not be able to work off base without a Japanese visa that allows for it. The SOFA stamp you’ll get for your passport will not allow you to work off base. You can apply for many of the jobs on base that are open to spouses.
    Since he has orders as an unmarried serviceman (unaccompanied) he’s going to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get you sponsored after your marriage so you can join him. Normally, he’ll be required to extend his tour length to a minimum of 3 years.

  4. You would not be able to get a job in the civilian work sector in Japan unless you had advanced documentation of hire prior to entering Japan and used that to obtain a commercial visa. But, you can work at military facilities if you are married to him because then you would be a lawful resident of Japan under the Status of Forces Agreement. But, that’s the key. You have to be married to him, unless you are hired in advance by the military medical facility. No, you don’t have to speak Japanese to work on U.S. military installations.
    I even had to get permission from Commander, U.S. Forces Japan for two of my children to appear in commercials for a brand of children’s clothing while we were living there. Otherwise, we would have been violating Japanese law and that is a serious matter.

  5. you cannot move over there unless you are married and he gets his orders modified to include you, granting you permission to reside in Japan as a dependent of a servicemember.
    otherwise, you would NOT be allowed on base at all nor could you stay in Japan for more than 90 days. in addition, you would be unable to actually rent a place anywhere, and there is no guarantee he would be allowed to live off base either as a single Airman.
    none of the on base colleges offer a Nursing program. Most jobs are limited to Host Nationals, very few positions are open on base for spouses. you would NOT be allowed to work off base at all, unless sponsored by the company that hires you.
    so choose: Nursing program Stateside, or getting married and waiting a minimum of three years before you can pursue it. Assuming the AF actually GRANTS you command sponsorship and allows you to move to Japan. they don’t always allow First termers to bring dependents OCONUS.
    BTW: the two major AF bases are Yokota( near Tokyo) and Misawa( way the heck up North)

  6. hey we lived in japan misawa all the way up north…for almost nine years..and yes they have colleges on base…there are a few to choose from…they also use spouses to fill jobs as they come open in the hospital and clinics…usually you volunteer and when the job comes open you have a better chance of getting it…if you are not getting married you are not going to be able to live on base and more than likely he will not be able to afford to live off base..due to the weak dollar against the yen..and i have been to japanese hospitals and wont be working there..they do not have the same standards for one that american hospitals do..i saw them squirt entire syringes of blood down a regular sink..i was at the clinic for an ultrasound while pregnant..i wanted to…
    edit: oh yeah you wont be able to do any nursing at the colleges there..its more for simple classes..math’s english science that kind of thing accounting..not anything that you would have to work in a clinic for..but you could perhaps go and work as an lpn and then do the rest of your classes when you come back to the states to be an rn…good luck either way..and if you dont get married before he leaves doesnt mean you cant ….just may take a little while to get you over there…and if you get the chance to go to japan..i suggest you go..i think you would love it regardless of the base you get too..they are great in their own way
    read the above post..there were many women that i knew who were english speaking american citizens who did work off base…and didnt need anything other than their passport courtesy of the us government..they worked in some of the dept stores near the base that alot of us shopped at and at rest. and video rental stores…

  7. While they do have cotract Professors on Base teaching college class’s.
    There are no colleges on base.
    You could take class’s, but you would not be able to get a nursing degree on base.
    Yes,there are Japanese colleges, but they are taught in japanese,
    So thats not gonna do you much good.
    You could probally get a job on Base at the Base Hospital if you are a LPN.
    PS: If you plan on marrying your BF, It would be best to marry him, while he is still in Tech School.
    That way, you would be included in his orders to Japan.
    You could marry him while he is on his post Tech School leave, but then you wouldn’t be on his orders and it would take awhile after he got to japan, to process the paperwork and get you there.
    If you wait untill after he is in Japan, then you are responsible for your travel expenses and for moving your household stuff to Japan.
    The military only pays for a spouse to move, if your married before the move takes place.
    Your best bet, is to grab a RN nursing class catelog,
    Then after your married and in Japan.
    While your probally not gonna find nursing class’s taught on base.
    You can use th course catelog, to try and take as many of the other courses that you can take.
    That way, when you get orders to a stateside base, you can easily finish your degree at a local univ.

  8. USAF sponsored community colleges (if the base actually has them) tend to only offer mgmt and business degrees. If you are getting married after he graduates tech school he’s going to have to get a lot of stuff done while on leave to get you to go with him, otherwise he will be going alone and you will be stuck in the states.

  9. My husband in the army, and from my understanding that no spouse or civilian is allowed to go there with them.