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OK, well i’m 17 and at the point in my life when I have to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’m technically a senior high school, but I’m dual-enrolling full time at the community college (been homeschooled since Kindergarten, dual-enrolled since the 10th grade). I’m working on my 2 year A.A. General Transfer degree. After I get that here, I want to transfer to a 4 year university to get my Bachelors in something. The thing is, i don’t know what to get it in. I like math, so I was thinking accounting, but my dad says “you don’t want a desk job, too boring, doesn’t pay much” (he majored in accounting). i’m taking intro to Psychology now and I’m at the top of my class, it’s interesting and I like it, but dad says “you would have to get your Masters in it and then get a teaching job, not many other choices for that, but it would make a good minor”. he thinks i should go to a tech school (like my older brother and sister who are now in tech schools becoming a fire fighter/EMT – bro and LPN – sis), or go into a profession like Physical Therapy (pays great) or something media related (many job openings). also going into the Air Force is something he’s wanted all 3 of his kids to do.

i mean what do i do? the only thing i really want to be in life is a wife and mother (which is when he mentioned Southeastern University “bridal college”. we personally know over 20 people who have gone there and came home with a wife/husband).

so i’m kinda at a loss here. i want some kind of degree but don’t really know why or how I’ll use it. and i don’t want to go to college just to get married.

other people have told me “you’ve got time to figure it out”, my parents tell me “they aren’t the ones paying for your education you need to figure it out and soon”


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  1. live fast, die fun says:

    while you’re just taking classes for your AA you should explore different classes. eventually you’ll come across something you find interesting. If not, look deep in your heart and think about something that you wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of your life. I know everyone has been telling you this, but take your time, its a decision you can’t pick overnight.