Going to a Non Accredited Nursing School?

I am on the waiting list to attend a local vocational schools Nursing LPN Program. I noticed on their website they are not accredited. If I continue and graduate how will this affect me if I wanted to move on to be an RN?
I thought about working as an LPN for a little while then a “bridge program” for RN but if this school os not accredited will I have to basically start over?
Thank you for your answers. I did some more checking and they are accredited by Council on Occupational Education (COE). so I wonder if this will be good enough or if they have to be specifically accredited for Nursing?.

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  1. If the school is not on this list, you will be wasting your time.


    If you have the chance, you should go straight for RN and skip the LPN.

  2. ---JULI--- says:

    If it’s not accredited, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a job! Especially at a reputable facility.

    Accredidation by either the NLN or AACN/CCNE ensures that the program meets JCAHO (TJC) minimum standards for being hired as a nurse (RN or LPN) in a hospital. Choose a program that’s not NLN accredited and you’ll find you will not get hired at any reputable facility. There are a lot of new grad nurses out there from NLN and AACN/CCNE accredited programs, so hospitals can afford to be picky, and those that are wanting Magnet Status and JCAHO accredidation are quite selective.




    To choose an unaccredited school for practical nursing means that your education won’t be recognized by accredited RN programs. Don’t be foolish…simply find a school that is accredited or you will have to start over!