High acceptance rate colleges in michigan?

I’m from Vermont, but Vermont colleges kinda suck, so I’m interested in some michigan colleges that have a somewhat high acceptance rate because I have family in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas. My GPA was pretty average in high school, it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. I’m an LNA in the state of VT and I’m looking for colleges in michigan that have LPN or RN programs. I don’t want to go to a community college unless it has dorms. Any suggestions?

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  1. Kreszentia says:

    “high acceptance rate” means they accept a large amount of the students who applied. In other words, schools with high acceptance rates are not that great. I’m not familiar with any Michigan schools other than the University of Michigan, which is a super outstanding school. But I don’t know why you’re saying that VT schools suck. I’m also from New England, and many people from my state (though not myself) choose to go to college in VT because they’re fairly good institutions and they’re in beautiful locations. Two of my closest friends are going to UVM next year, one for French and the other for biochemistry. In past years students have gone to Champlain, Bennington, Johnson State, Green Mountain College, Middlebury, Lyndon State and, I’m sure, many more. Some of those schools are better than others, but I know for a fact that Champlain, Bennington and Middlebury are outstanding.