How can I get an entry level nursing job?

Although I have been in college for 3 years, they still consider me a 1st year nursing student because it is my first year of clinical rotations. I will be an LPN in August. I have not ever worked in healthcare before and have applied for numerous job opportunities with no results. I have applied for desk secretary, nurse aide, nurse tech, nurse aide trainee and nurse extern. I have a 3.0 GPA and have letters of recommendation from my current boss and clinical instructor. Why won’t anybody call me back? Everyone keeps telling me how much great money I will be making but I am starting to wonder if anyone is going to hire me. I don’t understand.

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  1. hi. ive been a nurse almost 20 yrs, i started as an LPN, and finally went back for my RN a few years later…
    there are so many places you can work as a nurse, dont limit yourself.
    one thing that you can do, since you are not licensed yet is try nursing homes, even as a nursing assistant you need to be certified, and some have their own cert/training program. however, as a dialysis nurse for many years in the state of florida, i know that you can work as a tech in dialysis without needing certification, this will give you good experience in the medical field, get your foot in the door, and youmay even like it as a NURSE. ( i sure do)
    just be persistent. and look good, and professional at your interviews!
    Good Luck to you in nursing….its truly the Lord’s work you’ll be doing.
    God Bless.