How do I become a medevac medic in Army?

I’ll be going in as a 68W. One of the recruiters working at the recruiting office where I do my Future Soldier training once a week was talking about how one of the options I could look at would be becoming a medevac medic. What are the steps involved with that? Would I have to look into it right after AIT or can I put a year or two into the Army as a regular medic and then look into training to medevac?

Also my main recruiter at the office has told me I should try and get an LPN slot during AIT (didn’t get it on my contract) but is it true that those that are LPNs are the ones most likely to be stuck in hospitals? (Truthfully, my recruiter has really helped me out the last few months and I appreciate it and want him to be proud of my future Army career choices…stupid probably because it’s my life and future. It’s just hard because I’ve grown close to a lot of the recruiters and “future soldiers” in this program and I guess I don’t want to disappoint anyone, esp. my recruiter with what I choose to do. I don’t want him or anyone to think not going LPN too is a huge mistake or something…)

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  1. Im not sure what you mean by ‘medevac’ medics. All combat field medics may have to do a medevac at one time or another, it is in the nature of the job. As a female you will likely never be assigned as a combat medic to a line unit. That goes mostly to the male medics. So yes you will be put into a field hospital or clinic.

    Also your recruiters are friendly to you now because it is their job to be, I can GUARANTEE you that as soon as you leave you will be forgotten a week later. Don’t get too attached to anyone you are with now, probably never see any of them again.