How do student loans work?

I’m looking to go to school for nursing and have no idea what student loans are available? I have a car note, rent and all the bills but I won’t be able to work full time while taking full time studies. (I have 2 children.) Are there any student loans that help with living expenses?

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  1. you pay it back after school
    less intrest
    they work with your income
    you can get it deferred if you need to
    if your 25 then you go by you income
    under 25 and you arent and you have to use your parents income
    they will help you with your loans once you apply its called the financial aid department..
    first off fill out the fasfa youll get grants for being a single mother (unless your not single)
    do you have wic or food stamps stuff like that
    also u can use the money really for anythin but i wouldnt advise it

  2. For nursing there are a lot of scholarships- research, research and research to find as many as you first can – student loans are a very expensive way to go to school. Also, since you are going to school to be a nurse, there is a loan forgivness program that after you pay on the loan for 10yrs, you can get the rest forgiven. Look in msn money, under student loan forgiveness 2007 – that is when the program started.
    Some schools have no information on scholarships, mine did not and I have the burden of 24k to pay off , and it ain’t going to easy as I am a single mom and I have to keep putting the loans into forbearance so I can afford to live – business degree just wasn’t what I thought it would be.