How do you get your Transcripts if you attended and graduated from David Hale Nursing LPN in 1992?

I graduated from the LPN program at David Hale Fanning in 1992 and want to get my RN, but since the school is closed, I need to know how to get my transcripts?

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  1. When a school closes, its records are transferred to a state governing body. If the school was a public institution, there is a state board which has control over the records. If it was a private institution, they are required by law to arrange for the records to be kept. Contact the department of education in the state where the school operated. (A phone call might be better than a letter. If you live in the state and it isn’t too far to go, a personal visit is even better than the phone call.) Explain what you need and ask where the records are being kept and who you must contact. It may require visits to several offices (or several “transfers” of your phone call) but you will eventually find the right place. When you locate it, your next step should be to get yourself at least ten copies of the transcript. Reason? The more time that passes between the closing of the school and your need for the transcript, the harder it will be to get one made. Better for you to have a bunch of them that you can send out yourself whenever you want.