How long is the lpn-rn bridge over program at north Georgia?

I am currently working on becoming a lpn. I was wondering if I decide to jump right into the bridge over program to become an rn, how long will it take? Also if u are a lpn or rn in ga, how much do you make? Thanks!

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  1. LPN is a vocational level training program, RN is a college program. So the RN program will require your college prerequisites (stuff like English, history, political science), your core nursing prereqs to include the math and science classes. The LPN courses will give you grounds to “test out” of some of the RN clinical courses…. but you will have to take some tests to prove a certain knowledge level, they wont automatically let you skip the RN clinical courses. I believe that you will be eligible to test out of the basic clinical courses (adult med-surg, peds, maternal/baby, psych) but will probably have 2 – 3 additional RN courses that you can’t just test out of.

    I’d plan about 2 years for LPN – RN bridge. As for pay, that is a regional issue and you should check with the HR departments in the hospitals in your area. The RN makes a good bit more than the LPN, but that is about all I could say. I don’t even know what starting salary is in my own hospital, its not a topic that is encouraged to be discussed among staff.