How Long Is The Medic And The Lpn Training Takes In The Army?

I am a M6 – LPN and medic in the Army.
I left for basic training October 24th, 2004 and graduated LPN school June 1st, 2006. That is without a whole lot of breaks between schools. That gives you a “ball park” of how long it takes to graduate assuming you’re not held back for any reason during any of the training. While you’re in training you don’t have a choice and have to take Christmas leave, which adds more time.
9 weeks basic training
16 weeks medic school at Fort Sam Houston where you get your EMT-B Certificate.
Phase 1 M6 school is 8 weeks also at Fort Sam
Phase 2 & 3 are at a different location (but you may stay at Fort Sam) and is a total of 40 weeks give or take a bit. At the end of Phase 3 you sit for the NCLEX -PN boards. Where you must pass the exam in order to graduate.
Keep in mind that there may be some delay times between phase one and two. I remember some people waiting nearly a month – at which time you’re still being paid.
The training is outstanding and the pass rates for the NCLEX is above and beyond other schools. Everyone in my class passed their national exam first time through.

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  1. Do not quote me…but it IS a 10 BCT then I believe 12 week AIT for 68W(combat medic) then an additional 35-40 week AIT for the M6 identifier(LPN). Just be sure when you go to the recruiter that you have the M6 put into your contract. Hopefully I was a little help.

  2. just a few minutes actually, then they ship you off to die. last i checked anyway