How Much Does An Lpn Make A Year In Southeastern Kentucky?

I am looking to earn a degree in Nursing and I am thinking about LPN….

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  1. I agree with the reference here, however you must understand that the closer to an urban area you work, the more money you will make in nursing. I also suggest you check into a two year RN program, because you will be doing almost exactly the same thing as an LPN for less money. Nursing homes tend to pay highest to start, but if you are in a hospital you will have to work your way up to the higher wage. Clinics do not pay well at all. Overall, the south is not known for it’s high pay for LPN and RN unless you are near a major city.
    I am in Illinois and make 22-26 hourly working as an agency LPN, if that helps, but I am close to chicago, so that is the major city that my area has to compete with to keep nurses.

  2. Go to they tell you everything on that website. Good luck , and hope this helps.