how to become an RN?

I live in franklin Ohio. I would like to find a school close as possible. I heard you have to get your Lpn first then go for your RN. I need a good school and can’t find one?? Help! Oh, and I want to be like a nurse that works with pregnant women and in the maternity ward at a hospital?? Is this the same thing? What are the steps and a school/progam??

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  1. You are best to go right to school for your Rn degree and you can do that at most colleges and even alot of community ones also. the pay scale will be much higher for an Rn versus a LPn and the time limit is usually only 1 year longer. Once you get an Lpn degree and start working you usually don’t go back to scholl for your Rn degree so best to get it now. you can do a associates Rn ( 2 yrs, ) or a 4 year program. if you want to get into teaching or administration you need the 4 yr. degree.

  2. teebeesgirl says:

    Hi there
    You do not need to be an LPN prior to pursing an RN degree. Many people choose to do so, b/c LPN school can be cheaper and much faster and then they work as an LPN while going back to school to earn their RN.
    I am not sure where Franklin Ohio is, I am outside of Cleveland Ohio and attended Lakeland CC to earn my RN degree, most community colleges and four year schools offer programs for RN. If Franklin is close to a major city, you will find an excellent school, if you are still in high school, ask your guidance counselor.
    Also some tidbits of information on types of RN degrees:
    Diploma RN: ussually 2-3 years in length and are affiliated with a hospital
    Associate RN: ussually obtained from a community college, 2 years in length once you are in the Nursing Program (about 1-2 years worth of “prerequisites” to enter)
    Bachelor RN: a Four Year College degree (Cleveland State, Ohio State, Ursuline College, Malone, Akron, etc)
    You can always go back to school to earn the BSN after RN which I did.
    Any RN degree will allow you to practice in the specialty field of Labor and Delivery.
    Touch up on Math and Science skills and go for your dream!!
    Good Luck

  3. There are any number of ways to achieve your goals. As to the specific programs available, in addition to the closest community college, there are extension and online programs which allow you to obtain your RN ADN (associates) or BSN (Bachelor’s) degrees.

    Most community colleges will offer an LPN/LVN program. This varies in length based on the school, but can prepare you to work in many areas of the hospital, and many Labor and Delivery Suites have some LPNs. Once you have the LPN license and are working there are LPN to RN and LPN to BSN programs available, depending on your goals.

    ADNs or associate degree nurses become Registered Nurses. The ADN program normally takes about 2 years following 18 months -2years of prerequisites before starting. These RNs can work anywhere in the hospitals, for the most part, you may find, some positions state BSN required or preferred in the listing and many of the major hospital systems are starting to require a BSN to be a supervisor.

    BSN this is a 4 year degree from a university, See notations above.

    Following the obtaing of an RN licinse many nurses want to go into specialty or advanced practice or to teach. This requires at least a Masters Degree (MSN) this will allow you positions such as Nurse Practitioner (specialize in Family Practice, Pediatrics, Adults, Geriatrics, Psychiatry) Clinical Nurse Specialist (ICU, CCU,etc) , Nurse Anesthetist, or for someone interested in deliveries Nurse Midwifery (nurses who deliver babies). This is at least a 2 year degree following the BSN but there are ADN to MSN programs.

    Doctoral Nurses. Nurses who want to advance beyond those mentioned above obtain a doctoral degree. These take many forms dependent on their individual focus. Ph.D, Ed.D., DSN, etc. these people work usually in a combination of research, clinical and academic worlds.

    There is no end to what can be done in nursing and many ways to accomplish the goals.

    Here is a list of all National League of Nursing approved Schools of Nursing in Ohio, you can look to see what is close to you.