How’s your first job as LPN in nursing home?

I’d be starting to apply, just got my license…but I am worried because I am not confident about my basic skills. It’s been a few months from school and the training wasn’t that much.

How was your skills during your first job?

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  1. hecla 1 says:

    Don’t worry about it that much…..they will put you with someone who is experience to work with you for a while….they won’t just turn you loose on the floor. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and know what is the purpose and expected outcome of the things you do. Learn that facilites policies and procedures, what they do when someone has low blood sugar, or high blood sugar, low urine output, etc. Policies on those things vary from 1 facility to another. Make sure you take your drug book to work with you….LTC involves LOTS of medications. Be nice to your aides, they are the ones who can make you look good or (truely tho) If there are things going on with someone else’s patient and requires a skill that you would like to perform…let them know…volunteer to do it with their suppervison. You will gain the confidence and skills as you go along,,,,nursing school does not fully prepare you for real nursing, like Nike, you just have to do it ….to get good at it…….Welcome to the profession and Good Luck